A building audit is an in-depth analysis of a buildings capacity to support current and future needs. Typical areas examined include structure, mechanical and electrical systems, faade and life safety.

Audits that serve to provide early detection of possible problems are important in preventing deterioration, damage to neighboring components or systems and even outright failures. An audit assesses the condition of the buildings components, or systems, and establishes a basis for a coordinated program of activities to maintain or upgrade buildings in a cost effective manner.

Audits are usually done when a building is to be bought, leased or considered for a major mid-life renovation, and is a normal part of asset management. However, while owners or managers may recognize the need for an audit, they often do not know how to specify the level of detail required. For this reason INTER SPACE LTD can offer two levels of detail for surveys ; a walkthrough survey or full building audit.

INTER SPACE LTD success in undertaking building audits can be attributed to our team approach to the evaluation of the major elements of the building, such as the structure, the envelope, interior finishes, lifts, mechanical, electrical and life safety systems. Our team approach includes the building operating and commissioning staff.